Restaurants & Bars

The Ultimate Dining experience

Treat yourself to a culinary journey with our selection of local, Mediterranean and international dishes. Savor the tastes of the sea with hand-picked fish and seafood meals. Relish the flavors of the local Bulgarian cuisine and wines. Sense the spices of the region.

Themed events & concept drinks

The Concept Lobby Bar

Relax at our cozy lobby for cocktails & spirits, or experience our occasional themed events with alluring concept beverages.

Open throughout the day till midnight.

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More from our

Concept Lobby Bar

This is the place for a meeting, board games or a pleasant conversation in a good companion with coffee or soft drinks, the Lobby Bar provides a wonderful view of the outdoor pool surrounded by green trees.

Culinary delights by our

Sea Salt Restaurant

Located at the lobby level of Hotel Umani, the Sea Salt Restaurant offers a breezy atmosphere at the outdoor terrace, and a cozy ambiance indoors.

All hotel guests enjoy a lavish breakfast in the Sea Salt. The restaurant serves a-la-carte lunch and dinner, with a selection of fine soft drinks, wines, beer and spirits.

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Dine within nature

Our open air terrace

Relish each meal under the natural shade of the surrounding greenery.

Start the day with a

Lavish breakfast

An assorted buffet breakfast, combined with a-la-carte choices are included in our breakfast, served at Sea Salt Restaurant

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Enjoy the sun with a cocktail & snacks

Pool Menu

Get the most of your vacation with cocktails, juices, coffee, cappuccino and a selection of meal options at the outdoor pool, served by the lobby bar and the restaurant.

Enjoy the sun with

Umani Beach Bar

The perfect sea vacation includes a  light lunch at the beach. Embrace yourself with our selection of beverages in a breezy atmosphere at the self-service bar at Umani Beach.

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breakfast in bed

Room Service

You are welcome to enjoy your meal in the comfort of your room or at its spacious breezy balcony. Relish our breakfast in bed option for an easy start of the day.