Art & Wine Class, June 2023

Drawing class at hotel Umani

A joyous art event at Umani Hotel & Beach

Our talented guests learned how to paint a painting from scratch while enjoying selected wine and good music at Umani Hotel & Beach, Golden Sands. Under the shades of the natural greenery, and the cooling Black Sea breeze, masterpieces were created with the guidance of the professional artist of Casa de Arte y Vino.

Art & Wine Umani
drawing class Umani

The drawing class took place on 29th of June 2023 at the terrace of our Sea Salt Restaurant. Both children and adults relished this exciting art event alike and we are grateful for having the opportunity to host it.

The artwork name is thematic: “Sea of Thoughts”

View the photo gallery of the Umani artists:


Benefits of Drawing

By choosing our Art & Wine class, you will certainly enjoy yourself and have fun. The advantages of painting and allowing oneself to get taken away by art are not widely known. The emotional and physical health of everyone who uses art as a kind of detachment is much improved. There are more benefits for you besides having a good time that have been scientifically proven:

  1. Develop your creative abilities;
  2. It aids in enhancing communication;
  3. Lessens tension as you forget the surrounding world;
  4. Self-awareness;
  5. Enhances mental activity and concentration;
  6. Increases emotional and spiritual acuity;
  7. Strengthens connections in the brain;
  8. Releases oxytocin – the hormone of happiness;

The artists of La Casa de Arte y Vino are famous for their skills and professionalism. They encourage personal interpretation and style, and you can express your creativity at the art class. There is no strict time frame of the activities and you will draw until even the most demanding of you feel their art work is complete. Even a group of strangers at the end of their classes feel like a team – get ready to make some new friends as well!